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28.01.2019 - 31.05.2021
Madagascar Challenge
Mada-Challenge is an association based in Freiburg, Switzerland since 2017. Its mission is to boost sustainability in the area of Farafangana, South-East of the island of Madagascar.

Project Ambovato (a town close to Farafangana) is the association's 2019-2021 project whose goal is to fight child malnutrition & boost self-sufficiency through organic farming.

The association will achieve this goal by creating a development hub on 10ha of land leased in Ambovato.

The objectives of the development hub are:

1. Better health & education for kids
* Construction of kitchen, cantine, communal area
* Construction of bungalows (for staff)
* Usage of solar energy
* Preparation of nutritious food
* Give first aid
* Run sustainability program

2. Organic farming: Self-sufficiency & Exports
* Fertile country, spring water for irrigation
* 90% of locals are farmers
* Subsistence farming - Livestock enclosures
* Exports (vanilla, pepper, herbs, cocoa,...)
* Guided by agronomists
* Sales via Malagasy legal entities

3. Eco-tourism: Perfect for voluntravelers
* Biodiversity & endemic species
* Construction of solar-powered bungalows
* Sport & leisure activities

4. Local job creation
* Land & construction
* Farming
* General work (security, catering, maintenance)
* Hire sustainability program graduates

Next Steps:
* Raise funds
* Plan land preparation & construction
* Plan inspiring 12 day voluntravel in April 2020
* Find sponsor for sustainability program

Are you ready for the Mada-Challenge?

Philippe & Stéphane JONIN
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