Boost Mission
BoostMan #3: Innovation Project


Do you want to transform your business?

We know that, as a Booster (entrepreneur), you are faced with the challenge of innovating while operating your day-to-day business.

Dimension #3 of the journey of a Booster encourages you to run a project containing innovations. As Design Thinking coaches, we facilitate the discovery & design of innovations, tell your story, and work your budget.


@ Join design thinking sessions
@ Scope your project
@ Simple market research
@ Test your assumptions
@ Discover new insights
@ Brainstorm & prototype
@ Meet new people

We organize & facilitate design thinking sessions adapted to your business. They are creative, confidential and efficient. We also invite trusted partners to join the fun. Your role is simply to trust and enjoy the process !


@ We know digital communication.
@ We are designers.
@ We create your project in BoostMan.
@ We respect your style, brand and values.
@ We campaign – network, audience & channels.
@ We test your project web-objective.
@ Working with influencers on social media.
@ Reporting on results (traffic, engagement,...)


Once our Booster has validated the innovations, their next challenge is to adapt the budget plan & execute the project. We recommend using the BoostMan app to control spend categories & build trust with stakeholders...

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Boost is a Swiss company located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Our mission is to help people boost their lives by applying skills learnt from talented experts whom we call Boosters.

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