'Journey of a Booster' Coaching Programme


Like most people, do you struggle to face many obstacles to live your dreams?

You probably need a better strategy, some form of motivation & a useful tool.

BoostMan, an app designed to boost our lives, is a FREE option.

But real progress is made by changing our mindset, methods and organisation.
This is why pro athletes hire a coach to up their game more EFFICIENTLY.
And it's more fun to work as a team!

The 'Journey of a Booster' coaching programme is designed to help you achieve results in 1 MONTH.

The programme's themes represent my own journey as a Booster and help to guide you on your journey. You are free to take only what makes sense in your life.


@ 100% design guaranteed
@ Health & family
@ Goals (interests, planning)
@ Organisation (structure, discipline, time)
@ Saving money (budget, expenses, cashflow)
@ Innovation & communication (research, style)
@ Alternate revenue (entrepreneurship, investing)
@ On the road again
@ Leaders are readers
@ The digital age


@ Duration: 1 month (renewable)
@ 2 face-to-face or Skype/Zoom sessions
@ Support via social media messaging
@ Homework (action plan)
@ Trust & confidentiality
@ Relaxed yet result-focused
@ Usage of BoostMan app (if possible)


@ 200.- Swiss Francs (or equivalent)
@ Payable before programme start
@ Pay securely by credit card (on this page)

I would be delighted to guide you on your journey as a Booster.
Please email me if you have any questions.


'Get Boosted. Stay boosted!' says David, pioneer, shaper & coach.