Boost Mission
Help teenage refugee girls in Uganda


The objective of this action is to boost the self-respect of teenage refugee women in Uganda by providing them with sustainable sanitary pads.

We support the girls to integrate local life and schooling. However, they suffer embarrassment and discomfort because most of them use leaves instead of pads during their period. This makes them miss school.

You can help in two ways:

Click "DONATE" to make a cash donation.

Click "GIFT PADS" to buy sustainable pads from our online store; we will send them directly to our office in Uganda.
Contact us for questions about BoostMan.
Kandaakiat's mission is to empower refugee women in Kampala city and the refugee camps in Uganda. We want refugee women from neighbouring countries to become free from injustice and enhance their political, social, economic and health status. To promote the growth of a vibrant women's movement that advocates and safeguards their fundamental rights and enhances the social, economic, political and well-being of this vulnerable community.