Boost Mission
BoostMan, the moneyguard (financial bodyguard)


Do you want to live your dream?

* Be an entrepreneur
* Reach project goals
* Design a new lifestyle
* Make an impact

In all cases, money-management is critical.

The BoostMan app helps you control your budget & raise funds:

@ Multi-language mobile app
@ Just sign-up with email
@ Easy-to-use & stylish
@ Create own expense categories
@ Record/copy expenses on the go
@ Snapshot & archive receipts
@ Multi-currency, GoogleMaps,...
@ Calculated totals & budget performance
@ Money guidance & reminders from BoostMan
@ Budget vs. Actuals reporting
@ Export data to desktop
@ Available for iPhone/iPad

BoostMan is Swiss Made, where precision is a way of life.

What's more... BoostMan also features trusted projects by social entrepreneurs. So you can engage with them and support them on their journey to make an impact.

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Boost Ltd is a Swiss company founded in 2017 & based on the shores of Lake Geneva. Supported by its BoostMan platform, our company fosters innovation & facilitates projects to help social entrepreneurs and investors be more efficient along their impact journey.