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Nochlechka actions in St Petersburg, Russia

In Progress

In Saint-Petersburg, Nochlechka NGO is helping homeless people survive lethal winter temperatures (-20°C).

These contacts are vital for these Russians who are homeless simply because they have no papers, and who are forced to survive in miserable conditions. Nearly 450 people are assisted every month.

Click "DONATE" to help as follows:

* 1.20 CHF/person to offer a warm meal and light medical care distributed by our Night Bus.
* 5 CHF/person/night to offer safety, a warm meal and sleep in one of our tents.

Thank you,
Pierre (SSN)
Suisse Solidaire Nochlechka defends human rights in Saint-Petersburg. It supports the Nochlechka NGO which helps Russians who are stateless in their own country.

BoostMan is not engaged in funding this project.
  • 13.05.2018
    50.00 CHF